Line & Pattern Dancing

SUNDAYS - We are dancing!!!
4:00 - 7:00. Line dance classes.
  • 4:00-5:00 Beginner lessons
  • 5:00-6:00 Improver lessons
  • 6:00-7:00 Intermediate lessons
You may come to one class free of charge. To continue after the first class you will need to register with the City of Meridian. Go to THIS WEBPAGE or call 208-888-3579 to register

Helpful HINT: When you view these videos on your computer at, click on the gear like the one shown here. --->
Then you can slow down the video, making it easier to follow along.

Stepsheets and Videos for Line Dances taught during Sunday classes, plus pattern dances and mixers (scroll to the bottom of this page)

Look at these videos to learn some line dance basics: BASICS OF LINE DANCING & BASIC STEPS & BASIC SEQUENCES

BEGINNER line dances taught:

Song: Beer for my Horses

All About the 3 Step - Stepsheet

Any Man of Mine (Canadian Stomp) -
Any Man of Mine (Canadian Stomp) -Stepsheet

Betty Lou Boogie Stepsheet

Song: Big Blue Note

Boat on the River Stepsheet
Song:  I See a Boat on the River

Bonaparte's Retreat Stepsheet

Boot Scootin' Boogie (Traveling Four Corners) -
Boot Scootin' Boogie Stepsheet

Booty to the Floor Stepsheet 
Song: Daisy Dukes and Cowboy Boots

Born to Love You Stepsheet

Bra Off Stepsheet

Alamo Boom (Boom Boom Boom) -
Alamo Boom (Boom Boom Boom) Stepsheet

Cadillacs and Caviar Stepsheet
Song: Different Kind of Fine

(CastawayHave Some Fun Tonight
(CastawayHave Some Fun Tonight Stepsheet

Chantilly Cha Cha Stepsheet

Chocolate City Hustle (The Shake) -
Song: Big Foot Stomp

Circle Boogie (EeeZee Boogie) -
Circle Boogie (EeeZee Boogie) - Stepsheet
Song: Pound Sign

Cleveland Shuffle Stepsheet

Coastin' Stepsheet

Come Dance with Me Stepsheet

Copperhead Road Stepsheet

Country Girl Shake - Stepsheet
Song: Country Girl by Luke Bryan

Cruisin'- Stepsheet

Do Si Do - Stepsheet

Do You Love Me? Stepsheet

Don't Fence Me In Stepsheet

Don't Look Good Naked - Stepsheet

Song: I Don't Look Good Naked

Don't Think...Just Waltz
Don't Think...Just Waltz Stepsheet

Fandango Stepsheet
Song: That's The Thing About Love

Fireball - Stepsheet

Free and Easy - Stepsheet

Georgia Peaches Stepsheet

Gives Me Shivers Stepsheet

Hardwood Stomp Stepsheet

Heaven's Jukebox -
Heaven's Jukebox Stepsheet

Hicktown (Get Down in Hicktown) -
Hicktown (Get Down in Hicktown)  Stepsheet

Hidy-Hide - Stepsheet

High Class - Stepsheet

Hips and Lips Chick Stepsheet
Song: Seeing Red

Honky Tonk Way Stepsheet

I Saw Linda Yesterday Stepsheet

I Want (Mountain of Love) -
I Want (Mountain of Love) Stepsheet

It's About Time Stepsheet
Texas Time by Keith Urban

Song: Soul Sister

Song: Love Done Gone

Love Me or Leave Me
Love Me or Leave Me Stepsheet

Mama Knows BesStepsheet
Song: Moma Knew Best

Merry Go Round (Redneck Angel) -
Merry Go Round - Stepsheet

Midnight Hauler
Midnight Hauler Stepsheet

Move Like You Do
Move Like you Do - Stepsheet
Song: Move by Luke Bryan

Mr Lonely
Mr Lonely Stepsheet

No Quitter - Stepsheet
Song: Ain't no Quitter

Old Town Road Stepsheet

Paralyzed Stepsheet

Pass Me a Beer Stepsheet

Power Jam Stepsheet
Song: Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)

Red Hot Salsa - (On the last set of heel taps we alternate feet instead of using the same foot as shown in this demo)
Red Hot Salsa Stepsheet

Reggae Cowboy -  Guess we're lazy, 'cause we don't usually hitch at the beginning :)
Reggae Cowboy Stepsheet

Rita's Waltz Stepsheet

Roll with the Punches (Take These Chains)
Roll with the Punches (Take These Chains) Stepsheet
Sea Legs stepsheet
Song: Mony Mony
Stray Cat Strut Stepsheet
Tailgate (the bowling one)
Tailgate stepsheet 
Song: Tail on the Tailgate

That's My Baby -
That's My Baby Stepsheet

Watermelon Crawl  Stepsheet

When I'm 64 ( audio)
When I'm 64 Stepsheet

When You Smile Stepsheet

Will Survive Stepsheet
Song: I Will Survive



Ain't Misbehavin' Stepsheet

I Can DoThis All Day Stepsheet
Song: All Day
American Saturday Night (Just Another American) Stepsheet

As She's Walking Away Stepsheet

Break Away Stepsheet

Bomshel stomp Stepsheet

Bosa Nova Stepsheet

Song: Sweet Caroline

Caught Up in the Country - Stepsheet
Song: Caught Up in the Country by Rodney Atkins

Chasing Girls - Stepsheet

Chicken Fried - Stepsheet

Chill Factor Stepsheet
Song: Last Night

Cool Whip Stepsheet

Copperhead Road (Kentucky Chug) -
Copperhead Road Stepsheet
Cowboy's Sweetheart (Picnic Polka) -  Stepsheet

Country as a Boy Can Be - Stepsheet

Crank It Up (Goin' Hamm) - Stepsheet

Dizzy Stepsheet

Do Wop Be Doo Be Doo -Stepsheet
Song: Shang a Lang

Doctor Doctor Stepsheet
Song: Bad Case of Loving You by Robert Palmer

Don't You Wish - Stepsheet
Song: Don't You Wish it Was True

Dream of You Stepsheet
Song: All I Do is Dream of You

Hold Your Horses Stepsheet

Homegrown - Stepsheet

Hot Chilli Mama - Stepsheet

Hypnotized Cha Stepsheet
Song: Look What God Gave Her

I Didn't Know step sheet

I Like it Loud Stepsheet
Song: Let's Get Loud

I'm Yours Stepsheet

Just the Way I Are Stepsheet
Song: The Way I Are

Key Lime Pie Stepsheet

Kill the Spiders step sheet
Song: You Need A Man Around Here

La Fiesta Cubana Stepsheet
Song: Puebla

Let's Just Dance Stepsheet
Song: Why Don't We Just Dance?

Lonely DrumStepsheet

Lost in Me - stepsheet
Lost in Me - Demo
Song: Wagon Wheel

Love Flow - Stepsheet

Mars Attack Stepsheet
Song: Chocolate (Choco Choco)

Obsessed stepsheet
Song: Room to Breathe

Ooh Aah Stepsheet
Song: Love Potion #9

Other Side of the Track - Stepsheet
Song: Baby Likes to Rock It

Play that Sax Stepsheet
Song: Sax

Put it On Me - Stepsheet

Rainbow Connection Stepsheet

Rebel Just for Kicks Stepsheet
Song: Feel it Still

Road Song Stepsheet
Song: The Road Song

Rock and Roll Stepsheet
Song: Rock and Roll Kiss

Rhythm of the Falling Rain Stepsheet
Song: Rhythm of the Rain

Shot of Patron - Stepsheet
Song: Aw Naw

Sic 'em on Chicken Stepsheet
Song: Sic 'em on a Chicken

So Just Dance, Dance, Dance Stepsheet
Song: Can't Stop the Feeling

So Sexxy Stepsheet
Song: You're So Sexy

Southern Streamline Stepsheet 

Stomp Down Stepsheet

Turbo Polka Stepsheet

Walkin' Wazi Stepsheet
Song: Born to Boogie

Wave On Wave Stepsheet

When I Cry Stepsheet
Song:  It Only Hurts Me When I Cry
Wildflower Stepsheet

Partner Pattern or Mixer Dance:

Alligator Shuffle -

Barn Dance (Wild, Wild West) - and

Bucket Seats -
Bucket Seats - Stepsheet

Cotton Eyed Joe -

Cowboy (Traveling) Cha Cha -

Desperado Wrap - (We only do one set of step touches - 4 counts)
Desperado Wrap Stepsheet 

Drifter -
Drifter Stepsheet

Hot Hot Hot Mixer -

Mexican Wind -

River City Cha Cha

River Waltz -

Rockingham Rumble -

Shadow -

Something We're Good At -
Something We're Good At - Stepsheet

Sweetheart Schottische -

Tequila Twirl

Wild, Wild West (Barn Dance) -


Beginning 2-Step Basics


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