Treasure Valley - Boise, Idaho
We have been certified as NTA Dance instructors (NTA - An International Personal Trainer and Coach Program for Dancers) 

What we can do for you:

Here's how to country swing WITH your partner. Leader opens doors for the follow allowing the follow to prep and pulling. Dance with bodies, not hands and arms. 



Line Dance Classes Sundays. 4-7:00
Couples' Dance Classes Tuesdays. 7-10:00
at Homecourt in Meridian. (More info below)
Register with Meridian Parks and Rec online or 208-888-3579.


    1. Sundays - Line Dancing 4:00 Beginners, 5:00 Improvers, 6:00 Intermediates at Homecourt.
    2. Tuesday for the couples classes at Homecourt 7:00-Intro to Dance, 8:00-West Coast Swing and 9:00-Intermediate 2-step. No partner needed.
    3. Thursday - Volume 1, 1441 N Eagle Rd, Meridian. All of you new dancers should be here to practice what you have been learning in your classes. 7:30-10:00
    4. September 23, 6:00 Dance Lesson. 7:30-10:30 Rock Dee House Dueling Pianos.

      October 13 - Friday Night Family Dance 7:00-11:00 at Boise Square Dance Hall. This is for the whole family. Bring your kids, your cousins, your friends.
 See details and directions below.

Line Dance classes at Homecourt in Meridian

936 W Taylor Ave, Meridian 


  • 4:00 Beginner
  • 5:00 Improver
  • 6:00 Intermediate
Monthly fee of $24 - $30 per month ($6 per class). Register with City of Meridian

Go to City of Meridian website to register or call 208-888-3579.   

(Updated 8/22/2023)

Couples' Dance Classes 
Homecourt in Meridian

936 W Taylor Ave, Meridian


7:00 Intro to Dance
8:00 West Coast Swing
9:00 Int. 2-Step

Monthly fee of  $40-$50 per month ($10 per class.) Register with City of Meridian.

Go to City of Meridian website to register or call 208-888-3579.   

(Updated 8/22/2023)

Directions to Homecourt:
Friday Night Family Dance 

October 13, 2023

February 10
March 10
April 14

May 12

June 23
July - NO Dance

August - NO Dance

September 8

October 13

November 24 -4th FRIDAY

December 8

We are also available for private dance lessons. 

Check out this webpage.

Click HERE for the  Calendar of events.

R2L2 Dancer Events CLICK HERE

We are Social Dancing most evenings somewhere in the valley. Send me a message or call if you are interested in finding a place to line and/or social dance. or 208-941-4853

We are proud to be the only NTA certified dance instructors in the Treasure Valley. Check out our web pages for more information. Join us for a lesson or dance and you'll see that we're in it for the fun of dancing!

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If you are interested in group or private lessons email Randy or call: or     208-941-4853.

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Art by Randy Lattimer

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Why should I dance? 


How to choose a dance instructor...

Have the courage to be bad at something new. 

Imagine all the new things you could have done, but were too vain to look bad at it. 

Bring us your two left feet. You CAN learn to dance.

Private & Group Dance Lessons - We teach private and group dance lessons in country 2-step, west coast swing, east coast swing, country swing, polka, country waltz, and pattern dances (Desperado Wrap, Cowboy Cha Cha, Schottische, Shadow, Drifter, River City Cha Cha, Mexican Wind, Colorado Cha Cha, Horseshoe, etc.), line dance and mixer dances. More info at these links: "private lessons" or "2021 group dance lessons". Or call Randy at 208-941-4853.

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For more information about country western dancing, DJ/MC services, group lessons and private dance lessons for all ages, visit:

Call Randy at 


Randy Lattimer
R2L2 Country Dance Instructor
Boise, Idaho area

Not on our email list yet? Send a message to and we'll add you right away.

Private or Group Dance Lessons

Call or email to schedule a lesson. 208-941-4853 or



Line dance group lessons for all ages and abilities. 

->Sundays from 4:00 to 7:00 in Meridian. No experience necessary. Register with the City of Meridian. 

Contact Randy at 941-4853 or for more information.

So much fun DJing and teaching line dancing at the NNU Freshman retreat. What a hoot! .
We can DJ a party in your garage.
Party on your lawn.

We can DJ a party at a school

 We can even DJ a party in a barn.

 Who else DJ's and teaches line dancing at NNU? Only R2L2!

"A big thank you to the Treasure Valley Country Western Dance Association for making Ride for Joy the beneficiary of their monthly dance this past Saturday night. We had a blast dancing away with the biggest crowd they've ever had (over 210 joyful dancers!), and over $1,200 was raised to help Ride for Joy! A special thank you to Randy Lattimer, President of TVCWDA, and also Linda Rogers for all your hard work to put on such a great event and for inviting Ride for Joy to join in the fun!" Ride for Joy

July 23, 2011 - Party at Sam & Jan's. They graciously offered their spacious Nampa home and yard for our Annual Summer Picnic with games, music, food, dancing. We put up our portable dance floor, started gathering at 5:00 and finally turned off the music at 11:35. BBQ Beef and Pork provided by the Smoking Cowboys of Jerome, ID. WHAT A NIGHT!

The 2012 picnic will be held August 4. Visit this link for more information.

Had a good time volunteering to teach some dance steps to the first, second and third graders at the Boys and Girls Club.  

We set up our floor near Melba. Randy taught some line dancing and later that night Straightaway played while dancers filled the floor.  

DANCE LESSONS:  We also teach private dance lessons to individuals and couples. Want to ask that special lady to dance instead of watching those other guys dance with her? We can help you build your confidence and your dance skills. We teach line, country 2-step, east coast swing, country swing, polka, country waltz, and pattern dances (Desperado Wrap, Cowboy Cha Cha, Schottische, Shadow, Drifter, River City Cha Cha, Mexican Wind, Colorado Cha Cha, Horseshoe, etc.), and mixers. Email or phone us to set up a lesson. 208-941-4853 or


R2L2 Dance, Randy Lattimer, President, Country Dance, DJ and Lessons, Boise, Meridian, & Nampa, Idaho (208) 941-4853  Updated 3/2/2023