On Saturday, September 16 & 17th Country Dance ID will be hosting Juan Aquirre.

Juan Aguirre, the 2022 Country Swing Strictly National Champion, will be in Boise to teach a series of workshops on Country Swing and Barcoast, Sept 16-18. The workshops on the 16th and 17th will be held at the Buffalo Club in Boise, with the workshop on the 18th being hosted at the CDID studio in Eagle.
Message us to get registered and to learn more!
Juan is an Arizona based Dance Instructor/Competitor located in Phoenix. He has competed in, placed Top 3, and WON various competitions nationwide, including YESSS Dance Convention, The Edge Dance Event, Nomads Winter Convention, and many more. Alongside his many country swing accomplishments, he is also quickly climbing the ranks as a west coast swing competitor and has managed to earn points in the intermediate division in just 4 WSDC sanctioned competitions. In order to expand his knowledge of dance, he is constantly competing, teaching, and learning new dance styles! You can spot him anywhere on the dance floor due to his fun, unique style.
Follow his dance journey by searching @juanna_dance on Instagram!