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New Classes starting Monday April 21!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: No line dancing Sunday April 20 (Easter Sunday). The IAC will be closed. We will be dancing again Sunday April 27.

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Mark Your 2014 Calendar:

We have an action packed schedule for 2014. Want to come along?

Sundays: 4:30 - 6:30. We are line dancing again! New Venue: Idaho Athletic Club, 1450 E Fairview Ave, Meridian, near the corner of Fairview and Locust Grove. Come for a free class Sunday March 23. Then each class will cost $5. All ages and abilities welcome.

Fridays - April - Dancing at the Nampa Eagles beginning at 8:00. $5. Dance to the band, Straightaway. 118 11th Ave N, Nampa.

New set of group lessons beginning April 21st. Mondays, 7:00, Country 2-Step and 8:00 Nightclub. Tuesdays, 7:00, West Coast Swing and 8:00, Country Swing. One class for $45. Check out this page for more information and to register for classes.

April 16-20: Dancing in Salt Lake. We will be heading down on Wednesday or Thursday to join Kirk and Aimee for lessons at the Westerner and then open dancing for the rest of the evening. More lessons and dancing on Friday and Saturday. Check out the Westerner and Murray Arts Center for their schedules. Some folks are coming down on Thursday, some on Friday. Are you coming too? We even have friends who will open their homes to you so you don't have to pay for a hotel. Let me know your plans. Randy 941-4853.

May 9-11: SWIdaho Dance is bringing Craig Johnson and Joan Lundahl to Boise for a weekend of lessons and dancing. Details will be available soon so keep checking the website:
May 10: TVCWDA Country Western Dance at Boise Square Dance Hall, 6:30.

May 22- 26: We will be heading to the Frezno Dance Classic in Fresno, CA. Check it out and come along.

July 11-13: Portland Dance Festival. This is a great event where over 30 dancers from Boise attend. Will you be one of them?

July 20-22: Lava Hot Springs. Like to swim, dive, soak in hot pools and ride water slides? Come join us on this trip. We may even do some ziplining and wagon rides. Some good fun in the sun. We already have our rooms. Others have reserved camping spaces. They fill up fast, so if you are interested in joining us, make your reservations ASAP.

August 1-3:
SWIdaho Dance is bringing Maryann Harvey back to Boise by popular request for a weekend of lessons and dancing. Details will be available soon so keep checking the website:
August 2: This evening is our annual TVCWDA picnic. What a great time to celebrate family dancing with a potluck dinner, outdoor games and dancing. Anyone who has attended the TVCWDA dances throughout the year, R2L2 dance lessons or the SWIDaho Dance workshops is invited to attend this picnic. Check out the website for more information.

November 22-December 6: We will fly to Honolulu on Sunday to spend the week on the beach, snorkeling and all those other fun things people do in Hawaii. Some folks are joining us Thursday and some on Saturday. Then on Saturday November 29th we will all meet up and board the Norwegian Cruise Line's Pride of America to spend 7 days cruising through the islands. There will definitely be some nighttime dancing, too. Will you be cruising with us?

Contact Randy at 941-4853 or

Annual Picnic 2013
Games, Food
Lots of Dancing
August 3, 2013 Thank you Casey and Sherri for letting us party at your beautiful home. What a great venue! Fun until late into the evening.

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Private Lessons
Call to schedule a private lesson. 941-4853


Monthly Dance

TVCWDA monthly dance, Boise Square Dance Hall, 6:30 - 11:00. Free to those who can't afford it.  Donations appreciated from those who can. For more information:



Line dance group lessons are Sundays from 4:30 to 6:30 at Meridian Idaho Athletic Club, 1450 E Fairview Ave. All ages are welcome. Contact Randy at 941-4853.

So much fun DJing and teaching line dancing at the NNU Freshman retreat. Danced with them again this year. What a hoot!

We can DJ a party in your garage.
We can DJ a party on your lawn with our shiny, portable wood floor.

We can DJ a party at a school

 We can even DJ a party in a barn.

 Who else DJ's and teaches line dancing at NNU? Only R2L2!

In November we again volunteered our time to help out the Ride For Joy Therapeutic horseback riding program with their end of year event. What a great group of people. ----------->

In January our TVCWDA group held their free monthly dance at the Square Dance Hall. We gathered donations for Ride for Joy. Visit for more information. 

"A big thank you to the Treasure Valley Country Western Dance Association for making Ride for Joy the beneficiary of their monthly dance this past Saturday night. We had a blast dancing away with the biggest crowd they've ever had (over 210 joyful dancers!), and over $1,200 was raised to help Ride for Joy! A special thank you to Randy Lattimer, President of TVCWDA, and also Linda Rogers for all your hard work to put on such a great event and for inviting Ride for Joy to join in the fun!" Ride for Joy

July 23, 2011 - Party at Sam & Jan's. They graciously offered their spacious Nampa home and yard for our Annual Summer Picnic with games, music, food, dancing. We put up our portable dance floor, started gathering at 5:00 and finally turned off the music at 11:35. BBQ Beef and Pork provided by the Smoking Cowboys of Jerome, ID. WHAT A NIGHT!

The 2012 picnic will be held August 4. Visit this link for more information.

Had a good time volunteering to teach some dance steps to the first, second and third graders at the Boys and Girls Club.  

We set up our floor near Melba. Randy taught some line dancing and later that night Straightaway played while dancers filled the floor.  

DANCE LESSONS:  We also teach private dance lessons to individuals and couples. Want to ask that special lady to dance instead of watching those other guys dance with her? We can help you build your confidence and your dance skills. We teach line, country 2-step, east coast swing, country swing, polka, country waltz, and pattern dances (Desperado Wrap, Cowboy Cha Cha, Schottische, Shadow, Drifter, River City Cha Cha, Mexican Wind, Colorado Cha Cha, Horseshoe, etc.), and mixers. Email or phone us to set up a lesson. 208-941-4853 or

Dance in Boise 


Private Dance Lessons - We teach private dance lessons in country 2-step, east coast swing dance, country swing dance, polka, country waltz, and pattern dances (Desperado Wrap, Cowboy Cha Cha, Schottische, Shadow, Drifter, River City Cha Cha, Mexican Wind, Colorado Cha Cha, Horseshoe, etc.), line dance and mixer dances. Click on the "private lessons" link above for more information. Call Randy at 208-941-4853.

May 10, 2014 is our next TVCWDA dance.


May 9-11, 2014 - Craig Johnson & Joan Lundahl

August 2, 2014 - Maryann Harvey will return, plus TVCWDA annual picnic

R2L2 Dance, Randy Lattimer, President, Country Dance, DJ and Lessons, Boise, Idaho 83642 (208) 941-4853 

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