Line Dancing

4:30 - 6:30. Line dance classes. NO DROP-INs. You will need to register with the City of Meridian. Go to THIS WEBPAGE to register for the following class:
  • Adult - Line Dancing (all ages welcome)
  • Each Sunday, 4:30 to 6:30
  • Community Center, 201 E Idaho Ave, Meridian
  • Price: $20 for all 4 Sundays
7:00-9:00. Line dance classes at Nampa Eagles. All ages are welcome. Donations will go to the Eagles for opening their facility so we are able to dance Wednesday nights. Please be generous with your donation ($5 suggested) and tip the bartender. 118 11th Ave N, Nampa

Stepsheets and Videos for Line Dances taught during Wednesday and Sunday classes:

Beginner Dances

The easier dances:

Sunday, September 3 Class:
Fireball -

Cowboy Up -
Cowboy Up Stepsheet

Sea Legs (Mony Mony) stepsheet

Roll with the Punches (Chains)
Roll with the Punches (Chains) Stepsheet

Stray Cat Strut Stepsheet

This is the harder one with the 16 count tag:
That Love Stepsheet

Other beginner dances:

Thinkin' Country step sheet

Don't Think...Just Waltz -
Don't Think...Just Waltz Stepsheet

Fandango Stepsheet

Sex on the Beach Stepsheet

Jambalaya Stepsheet

Tush Push Stepsheet

Love, Joanne Stepsheet

Good Directions -

Hips and Lips Chick Stepsheet

Bar Isn't It - We do this to "Suds in the Bucket" -

Electric Slide Stepsheet

Sex on the Beach Stepsheet

Love Me or Leave Me Stepsheet

Tailgate (the bowling one)
Tailgate stepsheet 

Hey Ho Alina Boogie stepsheet

Intermediate dances (Guess we should do instructional videos for some of these):

Key Lime Pie -

Bosa Nova -

Cool Whip Stepsheet

That Love Stepsheet

Wildflower -
Wildflower Stepsheet

As She's Walking Away Stepsheet

Kill the Spiders step sheet

Dizzy Stepsheet

Breathless Corrs! - Breathless Corrs! 

Turbo Polka Stepsheet

All Day Stepsheet

When I Cry Stepsheet

Chill Factor Stepsheet

Southern Streamline Stepsheet 

Mars Attack Stepsheet

Just the Way I Are Stepsheet

I Didn't Know step sheet

Just Another (American Saturday Night) -

Have Some Fun Tonight (Castaway)
Have Some Fun Tonight (Castaway) Stepsheet

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